The Circle is created

A safe container full of Presence

Trepidation precedes my entering

And builds as the Circle is opened


What is hidden in My Bowl awaiting freedom?

Guided with empathy and compassion

Words stumble out amongst a flood of tears

Breathe, Feel the Floor, Stay Present in The Circle


Inner Wisdom guiding the holding discharge 

Opening subtlety yet not so subtle

Staying present with the inner dance

Each opening drawing me closer into The Mystery



Watching the meeting unfold

I am touched

Yet confused


Later, fully present

My hands are guided

From the blossoming 

Unfolding within my heart


The experience beneath 

The gentle touch of my hands

So incredibly individually unique

Touches into various levels of consciousness 


I am in awe

Of what surfaces

Both under my hands

And within me


This Gift of Rosen

I am Blessed to have found

Gratitude fills me

From the Core of my Being