Returning people back home to themselves through Rosen Method Bodywork and Yoga is my purpose and passion.

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Join us for the Spring Mountain Yoga Retreat 
March 8-10, 2024 at the Northaven Retreat Center

 This retreat invites you to Return Home, journeying from the external world into the depths of your inner world, sinking into pure Beingness. Various yoga practices will guide exploration within, returning you to your true nature of blissfulness. 

Investment $795 + GST ($350 deposit required at registration) includes:

  • 2 Nights in a Private EMF-Free Room with bathroom
  • Vegetarian meal Friday Evening
  • Breakfast Saturday and Sunday (Coffee, Tea, Snacks)

2023 retreats at this location sold out! Don’t miss out this time!


I am a  Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner and certified yoga teacher in Edmonton and Barrhead, Alberta.  

Since the early 2000’s, I have been on a journey of Returning Home.  Finding my way back to parts of myself that had to be put away and hidden in order to survive my environment.  Navigating the depths within myself through Rosen Method Bodywork, and the practice of yoga and meditation, numerous insights and aha moments surfaced to be seen and acknowledged.  Nothing needed to be fixed, changed or healed. Simply allowing what was held in my body to be experienced and witnessed, opportunity for space and lightness arose, along with periods of pure joy, profound gratitude and bliss.  

Early on in my Rosen Method Bodywork training, a loud and clear message arrived across the landscape of my mind.  It read:  


Tears flooded my face as I allowed this in.  It was and continues to be true. I am indeed important.  This deep inner work was and is vital. It is a lifetime of discovery.  

My yoga mat continues to be a safe space for exploring my inner world.  The depths within have an infiniteness that fascinates me.  

For years my single passion was sharing the numerous benefits of yoga with students.  First through classes, simply teaching how to move and stretch with breath. Later on mini restorative yoga retreats, workshops and class series for managing anxiety.  Most recently, guiding students through the turbulent waters of grief and loss. Now, I’m thrilled to add another passion. Helping people return home to themselves through Rosen Method Bodywork.

Rosen method bodywork

This unique form of bodywork uses a gentle, present, responsive listening touch, along with affirmative words to invite deep relaxation and self-awareness in the body.  It is an effective way to access our vitality and inner resilience as our bodies learn to shift out of survival mode and into wellbeing. In this way, a greater understanding of how emotions move through and are held in the body, is acquired. 

Some Benefits of Rosen Method are:

  • Release chronically held pain and muscular tension
  • Regain freedom of movement
  • Reduction of stress and chronically suppressed emotions
  • Creating a deeper connection with self and others
  • Improved physical and emotional awareness
  • New sense of aliveness
  • Strengthened sense of purpose
  • Opening and/or deepening spiritual connection

“With touch, there is an awareness in the cells of the body that bypasses the intellectual knowing …. When people discuss their difficulties intellectually, they do not seem to get to the depth of knowing in the way they do when they are physically touched.  Touch seems to be like a cord cutting through the red tape, finding the core of the barrier, of the suffering of the hold.” 

Marion Rosen

“In Rosen Method, the client’s story is not fundamental; the underlying goodness, wholeness, essence or being is fundamental”  

Rosen Method, An Approach to Wholeness and Well-Being Through the Body

Elaine L Mayland


Yoga is an ancient practice spanning thousands of years.  Its benefits are numerous and accommodates everyone regardless of age, shape or fitness level.  It utilizes the power of breath, movement and deep rest to bring the body back into balance.

Styles of yoga range from gentle and restorative to vigorous and demanding.  Most of Jeanette’s classes are a slower based, gentle and restorative. 

***Due to the Covid pandemic, Jeanette is offering a limited amount of classes in person. However, Jeanette is thrilled to be offering meditations, classes and breathwork on her new Youtube channel. She is also offering classes via Zoom. Connect with Jeanette here to learn more.


What People Are Saying

Rosen Method

“With a number of years of my own personal experience in the Rosen Method Bodywork, I appreciate Jeanette’s gentle touch and attentiveness.  I feel her listening and supporting me while respecting my personal journey as I sense into what might be beneath my long held spots of physical discomfort.

With support, I am able to recognize anxiety I was not aware I was carrying  is from things that happened in the past and no longer apply to my life. I intuitively learn a new way to trust my world without carrying long held negative memory forward.”

Maivis E.

Rosen Method

“I have known Jeanette for a number of years now as she is an amazing yoga teacher and I love her restorative workshops. I broke my shoulder playing soccer three years ago and was unable to practice yoga for 9 months. Jeanette recommended I try the Rosen Method and it was one of the best healing treatments I ever had. Jeanette is a gifted practitioner and the atmosphere she sets up allows you to feel calm and  relaxed. Her hands do the magic! I instantly felt the strain in my neck go away and my shoulder blade relaxed. Many other practitioners said I was protecting the shoulder break and other treatments were not working. I believe the Rosen Method was part of my healing success. I was trusting and able to let go. Thanks Jeanette for your amazing work and dedication to health and wellness.”

Janene Wilson 


Somehow Jeanette always seems to know EXACTLY what I need out of my practice (whether it’s flow, yin, restorative, kundalini, etc). She is well versed in many styles of yoga practice and meditation. Each time I finish a session, I find myself commenting ’that was the BEST!”, and then say the same thing after the next class – lol. Week after week, Jeanette leads us in an experience that is grounding, peaceful and healing, and I leave classes feeling calm, renewed and recharged.” 



“I came to Jeanette many years ago when my life was in constant turmoil.  Through Jeanette’s amazing ability to relate to people, relax them, and bring spiritual blessings to them, in very meaningful ways through the yoga experience; I was able to understand my world better and my place in it.  I gained confidence and peacefulness in ways I did not know were possible. So thank you Jeanette, you have been the calm within the storm!”



We are blessed to have a teacher, and warm person like Jeanette in Barrhead.  Jeanette has knowledge of many types of yoga that she easily integrates into her classes while making it look and feel easy.

She also adjusts each class to the abilities, age and even the energy of her students.  
I’m convinced she can make anyone feel better and younger through yoga.  Just try it!”  
Jill Boydens

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All my experiences will always be with me The good, the bad, the ugly - if I was to judge them and label them There was a time when I was so enmeshed in my stuff That was all I knew They controlled...

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

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Another Opening

Another Opening

Like a daffodil I slowly open To my new awareness Of What Is   There is trepidation But I persevere Knowing that this Is the way   It doesn’t matter What lies ahead I’m Awake, ready For what’s next...

There is no fixing

There is nothing to do
But to allow what’s there
To really be
Seen, Felt, Acknowledged, Known

There is no fixing
No sharing of similar stories
Nothing needs to be done
But to BE with it

There is an Unknown quality
Within this sitting
With Being with it
An urge to run away is SO strong

There is an edge that appears
Peering over
It is dark and scary
This inner abyss

There is infinite possibility
Within this Unknown place in me
Stay with it Jeanette
Resist, yet acknowledge the urge to run

Incredible courage and strength
Miraculously appear
To stay Present within
This sea of Unknownness

Ready to Give it a Try?

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