Like a daffodil
I slowly open
To my new awareness
Of What Is
There is trepidation
But I persevere
Knowing that this
Is the way
It doesn’t matter
What lies ahead
I’m Awake, ready
For what’s next
I am moved by
Something so much
Greater than me
In physical form
This force, power
Used to swirl me
Dragging me along
Now it’s different
So soft and gentle
Full of love
No need to be afraid
This energy moves
Like a gentle stream
It’s flow dancing
And laughing, playful
In the sunlight
I’m moved beyond words
So light, so impermanent
Fear stirs, but is calmed
This is Reality
Tears flow
Freedom at last
What does it mean?
It doesn’t matter
Just Be in the moment
Moment by moment
Is all that’s needed
So simple, but
No but’s, Just Be
All is as it should Be
Remember to Trust
Embrace Joy, Love, Contentedness
It’s so different though
Of course it’s different
Just Be, No expectations
Embrace the moment
It’s already changed
Notice the difference
More Love, How is that possible?
Ah!  The possibilities are infinite – simply allow